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Welcome to Sandra's DayCare

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Quality daycare

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Welcome to Sandra's DayCare

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Quality daycare

Our Services

The Best Daycare

Sandra's DayCare Daycare will provide an stimulating and safe environment for children ages three months to five years old. Sandra's DayCare will be the fun, affordable alternative daycare with the best quality you can find in town. We seek to stimulate and develop children’s problem-solving ability and reactive thinking skills through staff and child directed activities daily.


Infants as young as three month old are involved with stimulating, hands-on play. Sandra's Daycare is a safe place for growth, love, and discovery. Each activity is designed to achieve developmental milestones while having fun at the same time. Sandra enphasizes to her team the importance of nurturing when it comes to babies. Providing plenty of hugs, love, and attention to their needs. Your baby will enjoy giggling, cuddling and Tummy-Time in our safe playrooms.


Toddlers are always active, excited and exploring the world around them!Sandra encourages and promotes the curiosity and readiness of toddlers. Toddlers are presented with problem-solving games and puzzles. On their daily activities they get an introduction in science, math, language, drama, music, art and more. The team will have a daily report for you on the progress of your child including updates on naps, playing and socialization and meals habits.

Pre School

The toddlers curriculum mergers into a preschool program. Sandra's goal is to help your child to be prepared for the challenges ahead. Preschoolers are continuing their learning adventure and making new discoveries. That's why we follow a Preschool Program to prepare the preschool mind. Among other activities our program relies on group playing exercises, cooking, reading, tracing lines, drama and art to complement the child's developmental growth.

Visit Our Daycare

We invite you to come to our home and experience the caring care we offer to our children. Visiting our home will be best ways to put your mind at ease about the kind of child care that you can expect from us when you put your trust in me and my assistants.

About us

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing safe, affordable, high-quality service for children living in our community. We are responsible for the well-being, safety, and learning of every child. My assistants and I provide information not only through care and role play, but through circle-reading, small group activities and hands-on learning activities. We believe that every child has an equal value to our program, and actively work to support full inclusion of children with diverse abilities and disabilities, as well as those from all socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We support and encourage the development of creative and social skills through opportunities for sensory play through a wide variety of materials.

We believe that children should be treated with respect and dignity, to feel safe and secure, to have opportunities for learning through play, decision-making, and social interaction with their peers.


The whole home have passed a rigorous childcare inspection by the California License Dept, and all the games and structures are safe for children of all ages.


My assistants are in compliance with the licensing dept. Fingerprinted, background checked and first aid trained. Sandra is CPR certified.

Small Class Size

The daycare at full capacity can provide care up to 14 children, as ruled by CA licensing dept.

Infant Care

Over 25 years of experience caring for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Safety First

Safety is our main driver, we make sure to inmediatly address any parent's concern.


Painting, role-playing, field trips, walks to the park, circle reading, are some of the many activities we do.

Our Activities

Library Visits

Field trips to the Library. We participated in some of the events for kids held at the UC library. We always look at their calendar for fun activities for our kids.

Toddlers & Pre-schoolers.

When available.


Super fun art activities for kids that are all about leeting kids explore art. Feed their senses with sensory art. .

Toddlers & pre-schoolers

Year around.

Snack Time!

Because meal and snack times provide such great opportunities for adult-child interaction, they are perfectly suited for some incidental teaching. Generally, children eat meals in small groups with a teacher assisting an able to initiate social conversation. By allowing the children to help set the table, feed themselves and help with the clean-up afterwards you encourage the development of their self-help skills.

All Ages.

Every meal.


Our preschool program is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills and knowledge.

Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

Year around.


Outdoor play areas can help children develop physically, emotionally, socially,and intellectually. We offer places where children can have space to move and explore. Our play areas provide places to crawl, stand, and walk. The area has smaller steps, low platforms, ramps and ladders; ramps with pieces attached for grasping; low tables for sand and water and manipulation of materials; tricycle paths. rockers; and and shorter slides (no taller than 4 feet).

All Ages.

The playgrounds are covered, they are available all year long.


Our Prices

$75 / day


  • No Contracts
  • From 7:30 AM To 5 PM
  • Drop In
  • Breakfast Included
$990 / mo


  • Extra Savings
  • Breakfast,
  • Mid-Morning and
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack Included

Get more Information

Call us, make an appointment and come to visit our home. We'll address every question you have.

Contact us


Call us at (858)558-0747

We are located at:

7278 Werner St, San Diego, CA 92122.

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Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 7:30 to 17:30
Weekends / Holidays Closed

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